I’m Takuto Kudo. I live in Asia/Tokyo, where I develop the future.

My journey into the world of technology began at university, where I immersed myself in computer science. Intrigued by the endless possibilities, I knew this was a realm where I could not only solve complex problems but also create value.

My first taste of the industry came through an internship at a venture company called Volaré. That experience was transformative. I learned not just the nuances of web development, but also the essence of teamwork and the exhilarating process of building a company from the ground up.

Fueled by the desire to make an impact, I shifted gears and joined a few different companies, gaining diverse experiences. In 2014, a friend and I decided to take a leap of faith. Using our own funds, we started a small company focused solely on contracted development projects. That journey led me to work on a wide array of challenges — from handling various software development projects to launching a restaurant and even working on long-term overseas assignments.

In 2018, I found myself rejoining Volare, now renamed Nyle, as an Engineering Manager. I was tasked with launching new businesses and spearheading reforms within the engineering team. By 2020, I assumed the role of VPoE, taking responsibility for organizational and technical strategies within the engineering team.

Presently, I am deeply involved in application and product development, with a focus on GAI. My quest for innovation and excellence continues, as I am more committed than ever to shape technologies that bring value, efficiency, and meaning to our lives.